Imprinted Concrete vs Block Paving: What Choice Should You Make?
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Pattern Imprinted Concrete: What Are The Benefits?


Imprinted concrete or stamped concrete is a process designed to create stunning imprints on any concrete surface. These are made using high-quality materials that are durable and also low maintenance. These imprinted concrete products will create a contemporary and stylish look that is long-lasting and requires little maintenance.
Installed permanently in concrete patios our pattern imprinted concrete driveways blend in perfectly with surrounding elements. This can be used for driveways, walkways or driveways leading to decks. Our patios are hand laid from professional sheet metal and then finished using a professional cement mixture to give them a solid feel. If you are looking for a unique outdoor area to enhance your home or business property, then these concrete patios are ideal. These are designed to resist damage from the weather and are low maintenance providing a durable and attractive patio surface.

Areas Pattern Imprinted Concrete Can Be Installed

Pattern imprinted concrete is ideal for:


The main advantages of pattern imprinted concrete, over traditional paving methods are:
  • There is no moss, weeds or loose bricks.
  • Imprinted concrete is faster to lay than any other methods
  • Surface stains can easily be washed away
  • Imprint concrete is suitable for all weather conditions
  • Patterned imprinted concrete does not fade over time
  • Imprinted concrete adds value to your property
  • Large selection of colours and patterns available
  • Replicate standard brick driveways at a fraction of the cost
  • Increase price of home

Low Maintenance

If you have previously had a driveway made from bricks or cobblestones, you know the annoyance of having to manage the weeds that inevitably grow up through the cracks.
Over time, stones and bricks are also likely to shift and become crooked, which results in a need for extensive maintenance.
With solid concrete, you can enjoy a traditional cobbled or bricked driveway minus the hassle of weed growth and crooked stones or bricks.

No Sinking

Unlike other materials, a concrete driveway will not sink. Many otherwise good driveways require an expensive overhaul as the stones or bricks sink and become uneven. Concrete does not suffer from this consequence, which makes it much cheaper to maintain.
Concrete driveways require a new layer of sealing every three to five years to avoid cracking and fading colour, but this process still costs less than a complete overhaul would.

Long-Lasting Colour And Design

As long as you get your driveway re-sealed every three to five years, concrete will keep its vivid colours and patterns for decades. The protective seal shields your driveway from UV rays and wear or other types of damage from oil, chemicals, or water.
A well-maintained concrete driveway will last far longer and require fewer fixes than driveways constructed out of other materials.


Concrete can feature designs that mimic the appearance of common driveway materials such as cobbles, bricks, and stones. You can also choose any type of creative pattern to design on your driveway for a unique, one-of-a-kind appearance.
Materials for an Imprinted concrete driveway can come in a wide variety of colours, which gives you a lot of flexibility in choosing an exact design that features your preferred shade, hue, and texture of concrete.

Increase Overall Home Value

If you plan to resell in the near future, a durable and eye-catching concrete driveway will add value to your home. Potential buyers are likely to appreciate a clean, evenly paved driveway that does not have plants growing through it.
The minimal need for maintenance means that the driveway will cost the potential owner less in repairs, which makes the home more valuable and attractive to buyers.

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