Pattern Imprinted Concrete: What Are The Benefits?
Getting Your Garden Summer Ready with Concrete Printed Driveways and Patios

Pattern concrete designs and colours


At Greenlife Driveways, we have a highly innovative method of imprinting the surface of freshly poured, specially mixed concrete to give the look of stone, cobbles, brickwork, slate or even timber decking. Providing you with your very own, one of a kind, spectacular concrete driveway.
In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of our favourite patterns and colours that can transform your home.


Wood Effect

Did you know that you can get the perfect wood decking look using concrete? Avoid issues with rot and weeds while still having that wooden look on your patio. This texture is taken straight off the real thing for the best possible grain impression. If you are looking for something creative, then our Wood Effect pattern is for you.

European Fan

Is that Birmingham or is it the streets of Rome? Originally designed to replicate the European Fan Palm Tree design, our European Fan pattern consists of rows of Old World Cobblestones to give your home a taste of Europe.

Country Cobble

If you’re looking for something more classic, then you’ll love our Country Cobble Pattern. Cobblestone has the look of an Old World classic. The stones run in a running bond or offset pattern. There is a variant in the size of the stones. This pattern can be widely used for driveways, patios and walkways.



Understated yet not boring. Concrete driveways don’t have to look ordinary. With the addition of charcoal, they can be given the rich look of slate or weathered flagstone.


Shades of brown, tan, and other earth-tones are by far the most popular color choices for concrete driveways because they blend in well with the landscape and complement most home exteriors.
Greenlife Driveways Rotated Ashlar

Slate Green

Looking for a colour choice that’s going to stand out but not be too garish? Slate Green is the perfect option for you. A unique colour that will turn heads but at the same time is understated and classy.

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Our driveways, paths and patios are durable, unique and virtually maintenance free. With lots of different designs and colour options available, you can create a driveway that is truly original to you, leading to a very imaginative makeover to your home or business.
Through our commitment, experience and expertise we have established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime. Our skilled and dedicated workforce will ensure that whatever project they carry out it will be given their utmost attention.

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